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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Homemade Pizzas

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quickie Homemade Pizzas Find more details in my culinary books published by               This time I use the famous “lievito madre” which means mother yeast… most of the Italian restaurants claims they keep their own mother yeast for centuries…. Someone said “this was […]

Aldente Pasta: How to make “Gnocchi” (with Gongorzola Cheese)

Gnocchi di Patate is a special kind of pasta made with flour and potatoes. Never my family used eggs to make gnocchi. Please note also that there is not any precise weight to make the Gnocchi dough: you start boiling the potatoes, set them to cool down, smash them and add the flour:  the quantity of flour is […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Ricotta Cheesecake

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Ricotta Cheesecake More details in my culinary books published by                         Ingredients: Cornflour – two spoons Flour type “00” – two spoons Lime or Lemon – two Eggs – six Sugar (brown) 250 grams (9 ounces) Ricotta or cream cheese […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quince Jam Top Egg Pie

    Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Quince Jam Top Egg Pie More details are in my books published by             Eight fresh eggs to start.                 Separate the withes from the reds, keep aside and ready.           […]

Cappelletti Di Brasato

Today is my birthday, so enjoy this recipe !!! THIS RECIPE IS ONLY FOR MY FRIENDS….you should make “Cappelletti di Brasato” during upcoming holidays, I hope you have a good machine to make the “pasta” (for the “sfoglia”) or you can use the “mattarello” otherwise the “sfoglia” can be found at the market…or frozen! Well, this is different […]

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