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Soffritto: the “core” of the secrect!

  Al Dente Kitchen – Soffritto: the “core” of the secrect!     Like a building fundation “Soffritto” is the base of many Italian Traditional preparations. In order to make a good preparation you have to master how to make Soffritto. Soffritto is the name of many spices and ingredients which have been fried: they must match with the main […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Asparagus Pesto Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Asparagus Pesto Sauce Find more details in my culinary books published by           We make a sauce based on the pesto recipe but using asparagus because I  did not find basil in the market…this isn’t the original pesto but it is very good sauce for […]

Zucchini Omelet

Simple things are the source of our happiness…Zucchini are simple Vegetable and need to be prepared in simple way, hopefully in the market we find Zucchini along with their own Flowers which can be used either for salt or sweet preparations… Zucchini always need a hint of Marine Salt to exalt the taste, and kindness because Zucchini […]

Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Well, a triumph of Vegetables on your table! this preparation is simple and pleasant to see and tasty to eat, I am truly happy to show you it! You can prepare this recipe as appetizer, as side plate or even as vegetarian main course! You could add to this recipes more ingredients, like raisins, pine-cones, […]

Oven Humid Roasted Lamb

  I believe that the Lamb  was the oldest cooked food prepared by every culture, there are thousands of different recipes for the Lamb, this meat  is really “versatile” to preparations of any kind, what I prefer? barbecued Lamb, but today I want to make it humid and soft and I will do it using the […]

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