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Country Jam Cake – Crostata Rustica

The easier cake to do is “Crostata” with jam.  You can make your own jam or use a sweet compote of fruit or buy a good quality jam in the market. The dough “pasta” should be friable. The following is a genuine preparation which children adore, easy to make and healthy!           […]

Country Stile Pie – Torta Rustica

This is the Pie my mother prepared for me when I was a kid. It is really easy to make and it contains only few natural ingredients. This pie will be friable and you must be careful when you cut it because the pieces will easily broken. It is good have a piece in the afternoon […]

Pine-Cone Cake

Pine-Cones are wide used in Italy, their taste is able to give a “magic touch” to every  dish and things so simple like the following cake become desirable as your eyes notices Pine-Cones on top… primary instinct…the need for lovely food… Kindly refer also to category “Preparations: Dough-Impastare-Dough for Cakes” you’ll find details there!   Ingredients: (one […]

Honey & Grappa Pie

This “Crispy and Friable” Pie, adding “Grappa” which is an Italian strong liquor particularly tasteful in my region “Piedmont” where hundreds of different tastes belonging to our wines: Dolcetto, Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Grignolino, Gavi, Moscato and the popular & noble Barbera, (these are without any doubt the finest wines worldwide) , become a tasty pie to eat along “espresso” coffee. […]

Fairy’s Pie – Torta delle Fate

My “Fairy’s Pie” it is my Christmas gift to you. AUGURI CARISSIMI !!! This is a good creamy cake, to prepare the dough kindly refer to category preparations “Dough for cakes # 3″ for more details. If you cannot find the ricotta cheese you can use your favorite light creamy cheese. The poppy seeds are to complete this cake, in […]

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