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Wildboar Fresh 2 Ribs In Salmi’

On the same day I prepared the Wildboar Steaks I did also a second related preparation, this time using the Wildboar Ribs: do as follows and you will not only have a wonderful main course but also you get an incredible sauce for your “Fetuccine” or “Pappardelle” pasta!        Ingredients: three-four pounds of Wildboar Ribs 5-7 ounces of Black Olives 1 liter of […]

Aldente Pasta: How to make “Gnocchi” (with Gongorzola Cheese)

Gnocchi di Patate is a special kind of pasta made with flour and potatoes. Never my family used eggs to make gnocchi. Please note also that there is not any precise weight to make the Gnocchi dough: you start boiling the potatoes, set them to cool down, smash them and add the flour:  the quantity of flour is […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Monkfish & Pepperbell Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Monkfish & Pepperbell Sauce More details in my culinary books published on   Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, tomato juice, marine salt, wine “rose”.   Monkfish, green pepper-bell, garlic, onion.   Cut pepper-bell, onion garlic and fry in extra virgin olive oil.     Clean from the skin then […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Clean” Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Clean” Sauce More details in my culinary books published in Get some spices you like. You need sage, garlic, basil or parsley…  Tomato and onion, I like salt capers too….  Any kind of fish is good… just it need to be fresh. Lets start!  Chop one onion and start to […]

Zucchini Sauce

Ingredients: (5-6 portions)         Fusilli Pasta 1 pound (appx. 500 grams) Zucchini 1 pound (there are different kind of zucchini: long dark green, long light green, Ball Zucchini, ecc.) Garlic two cloves Red Chilly if you like spicy White Wine half glass Extra Virgin Olive Oil three spoons Salt       […]

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