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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tuna & Pickles Salad

      Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tuna & Pickles Russian Salad Not really coming from Italian tradition, this tuna variation of the famous Russian salad is one the most common appetizer in Italy: tasty and easy to make I am sure you will enjoy this dish. You can make the pickles and the mayonnaise sauce by yourself […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Breaded Fried Mushrooms – Funghi Impanati

  Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Breaded Fried Mushrooms – Funghi Impanati Lets see how to fry breaded mushrooms old fashioned Italian style !  Ingredients: Mushrooms (Porcini) – four pounds Bread (grated) – half pound Eggs – six Fresh black pepper – two pinches Peanuts oil -one & half liter Sunflower oil – one & half […]

Zucchini Omelet

Simple things are the source of our happiness…Zucchini are simple Vegetable and need to be prepared in simple way, hopefully in the market we find Zucchini along with their own Flowers which can be used either for salt or sweet preparations… Zucchini always need a hint of Marine Salt to exalt the taste, and kindness because Zucchini […]

Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Well, a triumph of Vegetables on your table! this preparation is simple and pleasant to see and tasty to eat, I am truly happy to show you it! You can prepare this recipe as appetizer, as side plate or even as vegetarian main course! You could add to this recipes more ingredients, like raisins, pine-cones, […]

Ovoli Mushroom Pie – Tortino di Ovoli al Forno

Today morning my son Michele got “Ovoli” mushrooms in the woods around my home….let’s go to do something special! you can do the same recipe with any other kind of edible mushrooms…pay attention to the dangerous toxic mushrooms: always check with an expert.     Ovoli !                 […]

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