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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Vegetables 1

Cookings, Foods, Italians, Recipes, Stewed, Vegetables, 1 More details are in my culinary books published by       Let’s get fresh vegetables: carrots, onions, turnips, eggplants; you can ad more of your choice. Aside keep ready extra virgin olive oil, marine salt and if you like white wine.               […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pizza Pummarola Sauce

      Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pizza Pummarola Sauce More details are in my culinary books published by             My variation of the famous pummarola sauce for pizza.                 Chop one or two onions, Start to fry with three or four […]

Salsa Legata Ai Porcini Secchi

This is a particular kind of sauce, used when we have not enough ingredients to satisfy a lot of guests. We will multiply our sauce just adding broth and flour to it. The following recipe is carried out with dried porcini mushrooms (which, unfortunately, were not really at their best), but you can utilize the same process using meat, fish or other vegetables. Also you […]

Topinambur Al Vino Rosso

      Topinambur are curious vegetable used centuries ago in Europe, this before potato was imported from the Americas and become the most popular food worldwide. Far to be forgotten Topinambur are appreciated for their delicate and delicious taste, here I give you a simple recipe to make a wonderful complement to main courses […]

Butter Spinach With Balsamic Vinegar

Just a simple and quick way to cook your spinaches, complementary to your main course (tomorrow I’ll post the main course …small livers..)…    first of all, prepare the spinaches cleaning and washing them very well with running fresh water….you can use frozen spinaches, too….              the colander will help you to dry […]

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