Cleaning Salt Anchovies

Salt Anchovies are one of basic ingredients in Italy, used for many different preparations; we use only the whole fish (Salt anchovy where the heads and the interiors are taken off) and never the “salt Anchovies paste” which has a different taste being industrially made with all the parts of the fish, the whole “Salt Anchovies” as in the picture are kept in glass vases and they are “handmade”. Inside the glass vase you will find the fish without head and interiors which have been “hand” removed. This shown in the picture is a Salt Anchovies high quality product from Italy, also Spain produces a very high quality product. In order to maintain your Anchovies wet and edible for long time you must keep them under the salt water which is called “Salamoia” this is made with water and salt. When you buy Salt Anchovies in small quantity for daily use, you don’t need to keep under Salamoia. Salt Anchovies are also sold in Olive Oil, the best quality of this product are already cleaned and ready to use, conserved in a glass vase.









here you can see few Salt Anchovies not yet cleaned…

 we are going to remove  the bones from the fish, the remaining “filets” of Anchovies can be prepared in many ways, as appetizer on “Bruschetta Bread with Baked Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil” rather than with “Roasted Pepper Bells & Chopped Garlic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil”or as main course such as tasty “Pasta Sauce” or even added to Soups and more…




 Firstly go to remove all the salt under running fresh water and rubbing with our thumb and first finger








 you will easily find the dorsal fin, taking  it off you have enough space to insert your thumb finger nail separating the body in two parts








 surely the spine bone remained attached to one of the two body parts, you have to remove it because it will be discarded








 as you can see the running water helps to do this operation









 what you see in my right hand is the fish spine bone








 the spine bones will be discarded








 together with the fins and the tails









 the body will be prepared and eaten.





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