Marine Salt

I use a good quality of Marine Salt, big grain, I believe that the taste is more “full” if salt melts slowly in the preparation; instead the grinded end salt it is also good but not my favorite, also there are different qualities of marine salt; the best, to me, it is from Sicily, good concentration, wonderful parfume and taste, clean, you must put only one big grain on your tongue and leave it melting to taste the special quality that salt has: give to you one instant of pure “primordial” pleasure…I remind you that before to cook pasta you have to put 50-60 grams of salt in 3-4 liters of water, the taste of the water should match that of the sea water…..natural and easy…….

the Marine Salt !!! In my recipes i say “I drop less then 10 grams” or “put a fist of salt” this is upon to many factors: the weight of the chicken I use, if the pepper bells taste too sweet, if the salt-capers are too strong, if I used fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce, …..many factors. you must remember to check a bite of meat or a tea spoon of souce during the preparation to taste if the quantity of salt is fine with you, be able to salt the food it’s the most important thing preparing a recipe! this is the reason why I do not give you exact quantities of the ingredients: I want promote you as cook not as chemist! I want to teach you how to do any dish with the ingredients you have available, I don’t want you to go crazy around the markets because my recipes have ingredients difficult to find.

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