Quick Hearts in White Wine Sauce!

You can use turkey or chicken hearts or even any kind of meat cut in pieces approximativly one for three inches
Put extra virgin olive oil in a fry pan
add chopped onion
as it faded add some butter
you can add chopped garlic
put the hearts to fry
broil the meat well on both sides add two pinches of marine salt
Spread one spoon of flour
on the meat
stir well
add one glass of white wine
cook always stirring reducing the sauce

Tuna Belly “Ventresca” Sauce!

This time I leave the labels in full view
Ingredients: Tuna – Tuna Belly or “Ventresca” – Capers under vinegar – Onion – Garlic – Tomato sauce or juice – White Wine – Marine Salt – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cut the onion
Put in the fry pan and let to fade
Chop the garlic
Drop in the fry pan
Squeeze out the vinegar from the capers
Just like that
Add to the fry pan
This tuna under olive oil is excellent
Add two hundreds grams (seven ounces) 
Open the Ventresca can
I recover the oil to ad to the fry pan
Make it to fry
Then add half glass of white wine
Add four spoons of tomato juice
Cook to reduce, check salinity
As it is ready take from the fire and add two pieces of butter, let it to slowly melt
Cook the pasta in boiling salt water
then drop in to the sauce and stir
put the pasta in the plate adding a piece of Ventresca and serve

Quick Porcini Mushroom Sauce!

Make a cold tomato sauce blending tomatoes, basil and garlic, a bit of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of marine salt
Get the porcini mushrooms, clean, wash and dry with a clean clothe
Cut the mushrooms in pieces
Put in a fry pan extra virgin olive oil and butter
Make the butter to melt at low temperature
Drop the porcini in the fry pan
Set the fire to medium and cook for five minutes
Add few laurel leaves
Stir well and cook five minutes
drop two or three pinches of marine salt
Cook for three minutes
Add the cold tomato sauce
Stir well
Lower the flame and cook partially covered
Every five minutes stir well
Check for the salinity
If needed add more salt
The sauce need to reduce, check the taste and the consistence to stop cooking

Quick Tomato Cold Sauce!

Clean and wash leaves of fresh basil – then dry with a clean clothe
Get garlic cloves
Peel the garlic and put along with the basil leaves
You can use fresh tomatoes blending them or pieces of tomatoes from the can or already blended juice
Marine salt is needed
Put tomatoes juice, garlic, basil and salt together
Blend everything
You can add this cold sauce to your preparations.

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