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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tortino Broccoli & Ricotta

Ingredients: boiled broccoli 500 gr,ricotta cheese 250 gr, four eggs, grated parmisan 100 gr, flour type 00 50 gr, pancetta sliced 100 gr, pasta sfoglia from the market
flat the pasta sfoglia in the oven pan
put the ricotta cheese and the eggs inside the blender
add the broccoli
blend then add the grated parmisan cheese
add one pinch of salt
and the flour, blend well
set slices of pancetta on the bottom of the oven pan
put the blended mix and flat it
add some drops of oil on top: you could garnish the top as you like also cover it with a layer of pasta
bend the pasta to the inside
put in the oven 180 celsius for 45 minutes
are cooked
let cool down before to cut

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Old Fashion Ragout

I will make this sauce with residual of food found in my fridge I bought only the minched beef and the tomatoes
to start chop an onion small
I still have some broiled beef from yesterday I will use it
I start to fry inside the oily fry pan used yesterday to broil the beef
After the chopped onion I add a bit of oil
I have gotten rosemary and garlic from my garden
in my fridge I found fat from prosciutto
I chop it together with rosemary and garlic

I drop it along with the onion
Add two leaves of laurel from my garden
a pound of minched beef
I put in the pan
I spread the small pieces of minched beef using the fork
add a pinch of salt
get the old broiled beef
cut it in pieces
drop in the fry pan
add half glass of red wine and stir
cover with a lid
yesterday I made a ox bone broth here the residual cleaned from the bones
meat and nerves
I cut everything small
I add to the fry pan
stir and add another halfg glass of red wine
cover with a lid
open after three-four minutes and stir then add two pound of tomatoes juice
stir weel then cook it slowly
check the salinity if needed add more salt
cook twenty-thirty minutes always stirring

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Small Focaccia With Garlic And Rosemary

Often I get rid of the residual of the making the dough for pizza
before it becomes too dry I use it to make small focaccia
I add rosemary and garlic chopped very small
and extra virgin olive oil
ready to go!
mix everything with your hand
if you need add some flour
to get a soft dough
flat it inside an oven pan
add a pinch marine salt
spread it here and there
you can add some oil on top
cook at 180 celsius for the time needed usually twenty minutes

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Tortino Zucchini

Ingredients: two zucchini – two eggs – one onion – 100 gr of grated cheese – 250 grams ricotta cheese – 50 grams flour type 00 – garlic
cut zucchini half inch thick
fry in a fry-pan adding just a bit of extra virgin oil
put in the blender along with garlic and onion
blend then add eggs and ricotta cheese
blend then add the grated cheese
and the flour
along with one pinch of salt bled well
I prepared a dough recipe is in Preparations
flat the dough inside the oven pan
then spread the blended zucchini, ricotta, cheese, onion, garlic, flour
make it flat covering all the space
if you like add sliced zucchini on top, I don’t
put in the oven 180 celsius for 45 minutes
let it cool down before to cut
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