Quick! Zucchini in Padella

Zucchini, onion, rosemary, garlic
slice the zucchini
put in the fry pan with some extra virgin olive oil
chop small onion, garlic and rosemary
very small, then add to the zucchini
always stirring let the zucchini to broil taking brown color
spread two-three pinches of marine salt
stir well
cover and cook five minutes more, stirring every two minutes, you can add white wine if you like
take from the fire and let to rest
before to serve you could spread balsamic vinegar or cheese
or extra virgin olive oil

String Green Beans Pie in Wooden Oven

You need boiling salty water
string green beans
take off the tip and discard
wash in the water
drop in the boiling water four minutes
take from the water and put to dry
boil the same weight of potatoes they are ready as you can pierce inside with the fork
process the potatoes in the blender
add four eggs and seven ounces (200 gr) of grated cheese
check the salinity
put in to a bowl
cut the green beans in to one inch pieces
mix with eggs and potatoes
you will get this stuffing
seat a layer of dough in to a oven pan
fill all inside witht the stuffing
cover with a layer of puff pastry – pasta sfoglia
make the borders to adhere each other
make holes on the surface
put inside the oven
let it cook
take as is ready

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Lasagne Al Forno

prepare a bechamel sauce: melt butter in to a small pot then add flour
stir well until all the flour is mixed with the butter
always stirring add milk
also add two pinches of sea salt
stir well
until the sauce get the right consistance take from the fire and keep for later
spread some “bolognese” sauce or “ragout” on the bottom of an oven pan
make a first layer of the flat lasagna pasta which you have previously boiled for only one minute
spread the first layer with “bolognese” sauce then add some cheese the best is Italian “fontina”
add some of bechamel sauce on top
cover with a layer of lasagna pasta
repeat the process with sauce and cheese
and bechamel
cover with a third layer of lasagna pasta
again add “bolognese”, cheese and bechamel
complete with the last layer of lasagna pasta
you can add some cheese on top and bechamel sauce too
put in the oven at 180-200 celsius
cook for twenty-twentyfive minutes
take from the oven
put aside to cool down
cut as it is still warm but not hot
and serve in table

Quick! Mushrooms with Potatoes

Yellow Mushrooms one pound
Potatoes one pound
put extra virgin olive oil and butter in a fry pan – warm up
chop one onion
as the butter melted and starts to fry
add the onion fry for two minutes
then add the potatoes cut in small dices one per one inch cook five minutes stirring
clean and wash the mushrooms
cut in pieces
add laurel leaves to the pan
some rosemary too
let the potatoes to be cooked
then add the mushrooms
and two pinches of marine salt
stir, cover and add half glass of white wine
cover and cook three minutes
open and continue to cook always stirring
add two spoons of tomato sauce
if needed add another pinch of salt
and always check the salinity before to complete the cooking
try one piece of mushroom to see…and they are ready

Quick Hearts in White Wine Sauce!

You can use turkey or chicken hearts or even any kind of meat cut in pieces approximativly one for three inches
Put extra virgin olive oil in a fry pan
add chopped onion
as it faded add some butter
you can add chopped garlic
put the hearts to fry
broil the meat well on both sides add two pinches of marine salt
Spread one spoon of flour
on the meat
stir well
add one glass of white wine
cook always stirring reducing the sauce
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