Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)

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Frittelle Bianchetti (2)The fresh small newborns from pesce azzurro (anchovies, sardines, etc.) are the best for many preparations in particular our frittelle!









If you cannot get the fresh one these frozen are also good, de-frozen in salty water (make it with fresh water and a generous bunch of marine salt).Frittelle Bianchetti (3)










Frittelle Bianchetti (4)After this use a colander to drip off the water, be careful these fishes are really delicate.









We are going to use one pound of fish, six eggs, 300 grams of grated cheese one spoon of butter and two or three spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Frittelle Bianchetti (6)










Frittelle Bianchetti (7)Drop a bit of white pepper on the eggs.









Add two pinches of marine salt.

Frittelle Bianchetti (8)










Frittelle Bianchetti (9)

Before to stir you can add flavors you like.










Frittelle Bianchetti (10)I add chopped parsley and garlic.







Also I add two spoons of butter (I melt it with the fork).Frittelle Bianchetti (12)










Frittelle Bianchetti (13)


Now I mix everything using a fork.









I am needing a spoon to do the next operation.   Frittelle Bianchetti (15)









Frittelle Bianchetti (16)I add the grated cheese (pecorino or parmesan seasoned cheese).











Frittelle Bianchetti (17)

I mix well with the spoon.










Frittelle Bianchetti (18)I obtain a cream.









Frittelle Bianchetti (19)I add the fish: note that I did not cook the fish the color is due to they were frozen, the fresh ones are transparent o silvering.









Frittelle Bianchetti (20)I mix all together with kindness.









Frittelle Bianchetti (24)Check: it is good to fry; if it was too watery I add more cheese, if it was too solid I add one more egg.









Frittelle Bianchetti (25)

Heat well an antiadherent fry pan, if it is a copper or inron pan you can use some extra virgin olive oil to fry.










Frittelle Bianchetti (26)Drop one full spoons a time, let cook on one side then turn it upsidedown and cook the other side.











Frittelle Bianchetti (27)Keep always the fire high but be careful to not burn the fritters.











Frittelle Bianchetti (29)Cook all the fritters, you can keep in the fridge for tomorrow the cooked fritters but not their raw cream (pasta).










Frittelle Bianchetti (28)You can dry the excess of oil using a towel.











Few other pictures follows.   Frittelle Bianchetti (30)










Cook well both sides.

Frittelle Bianchetti (29)












Frittelle Bianchetti (31)Spread some marine salt on the top and serve.


Buon Appetito !!!









Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish Fritters (Frixoe De Gianchetti)

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Topinambur Al Vino Rosso




Topinambur are curious vegetable used centuries ago in Europe, this before potato was imported from the Americas and become the most popular food worldwide. Far to be forgotten Topinambur are appreciated for their delicate and delicious taste, here I give you a simple recipe to make a wonderful complement to main courses or, otherwise, an excellent vegetarian dish.

Topinambur born underground so they must be first cleaned from the residuals, then washed very well








 using a small knife you can even peel the Topinambur if you like








 usually I try to keep the skin because is rich in vitamins and minerals, so I scratch of the impurities with the blade of a knife, after that I wash the vegetables under running fresh water






 to make easier this preparation I cut each vegetable in the middle








 just like in the picture











 I put to fry some butter with two cloves of Garlic (which I cut in half)









 I will fry to brown the Garlic… 










 …adding a leave of Laurel and after…










 …the Topinamburs









 a good pinch of Marine Salt is needed










 stir to mix the Butter and the Salt with the Topinamburs…








 …then cover with a lid and let cook for five minutes (covered)









 open the lid and stir again









 add half glass of Red Wine











 set again to cook covered by the lid for another five minutes









 then open and stir well again








cover and leave another five minutes









ok after five minutes they are ready!










 they stuffed in the Red Wine! Enjoy !!!





Berodo – Blood Sausage – Morsilla

This is typical old recipe, the main ingredient is the blood-sausage which we call “berodo” in my born town of Genoa.  The “berodo” is a sausage filled with cooked pig  and/or cattle blood mixed with flour and/or other ingredients such as pine-cones, chocolates or wine this depends from the region where it is prepared.  The following is our family recipe.




 Ingredients: (4-6 portions)

four  “berodi”

2 ounces of pine-cones

4 ounces of raisin

one spoon of ‘ “onion & carrot mix” find it in category “Preparations”

 two cloves of garlicextra virgin olive oil

few laurel leaves  – white wine – marine salt 




 Start washing the raisin











 cut the blood sausage skin










open each one extracting the content: only the stuffing will be cooked









no matter if you break the stuffing or if you leave big pieces: some people like it big while other like it smashed it will be good the same. 








 set in a plate and keep them ready.










 put two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil in a fry-pan, warm it up then add one spoon of “onion & garlic mix” four laurel leaves and two cloves of garlic







 as the “soffritto” start to fry add the “berodi”










add a good pinch of marine salt: half spoon should be enough. Please do not exaggerate with the salt you can always check the salinity later on, when the dish is almost ready.








stir a bit making the soffritto goes with the berodi, then add the pine-cones









 add the raisin too (this after you have squeezed them of the water).









cook it slowly, stir every two-three minutes










 as you see they start to get cooked (six-eight minutes they start to dark) add half glass of white wine and…









 …cover with a lid.

let it covered to cook for three-four minutes









 then open the lid, stir and check for the salinity: add more salt only if needed.










 you need to cook slowly










 stir every two-three minutes










 well, approximately in 20 minutes since you started you should have the berodi ready.









 this is a strong plate, but delicious!

















Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Soup With Squid & Broad Beans

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Soup With Squid & Broad Beans

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My dear friend Capt. Stefano Battinelli, thanks to show me this excellent soup, I did great job at home and the result exceeded my expectation!



Squid (calamari) fresh – two pounds

Broad-beans (fave) – four pounds

Potato, onion, carrot, garlic, basil or bay leaves other leaves which you like  but only a bit: not kill the broad-beans taste

Extra virgin olive oil

Marine salt

Broth – 1 liter: we will prepare it using the skin of the squid.








Zuppa Calamari e Fave (0)Wash and clean the squid.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (1)Keep the skin and the internal organs to make the broth.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (14)Cut the head in rings, cut the legs one by one.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (8)To make the broth just boil the skin and internal organs in water with two pinches of salt, anyway if you like you make this broth richer adding onion, garlic, bay-leaves, thyme this is your option.




















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (19)As the broth is ready (15-20 minutes) remove the residuals filtrating the broth.























Zuppa Calamari e Fave (23)Keep the broth ready to be used.




















Clean the broad-beans: from four pounds you get only one pound of bens.Zuppa Calamari e Fave (5)





























Zuppa Calamari e Fave (9)Peel the potato, cut in very small cubes (less than half inch).






















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (11)Cut small carrot and onion.





















Put in the pot onion and carrot: fry in two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil. Zuppa Calamari e Fave (13)




















Let the vegetables to fade.Zuppa Calamari e Fave (16)






















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (17)Add the chopped garlic.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (21)Drop the squids and stir.






















Stir well mixing all the ingredients. Zuppa Calamari e Fave (22)





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (28)Cook three-four minutes.





















Potato is ready.Zuppa Calamari e Fave (25)





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (26)Cut it in small dices (less than half inch).





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (27)Drop the potato in the boiling broth, cook four to five minutes.






















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (30)Drop in the broth the beans. Save only some beans for later.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (32)Cook four-five minutes.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (34)Remember to stir while the beans cook.





















Add the beans you saved to the squid.Zuppa Calamari e Fave (37)





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (39)Stir and let cook slowly.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (40)With the immersion blender smash potato and beans in their broth.



































Zuppa Calamari e Fave (42)Do carefully this job: you will obtain a velvet soup.





















If too liquid reduce it cooking it more.Zuppa Calamari e Fave (44)





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (45)Drop the soup in the pot.




















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (46)Cook four-five minutes.





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (48)Check the salinity.





















If needed add more salt.  Zuppa Calamari e Fave (54)





















Zuppa Calamari e Fave (55)It’s ready to go!



















Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Soup With Squid & Broad Beans

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Codfish In Cheese Cream – Stoccafisso Al Taleggio

There are so many different excellent cheeses in Italy. One of the best is “taleggio” a creamy cheese born in the  homonym beautiful village of Taleggio stoned in the nature near Bergamo in north of Italy. In this recipe I will use the harder part of the fennels (I separated and put away in the recipe “bitter fennels”).

If you are not able to find the taleggio you could use another creamy cheese of your taste.

If you don’t like fennels use boiled potatoes instead.




 Ingredients: (6-8 persons)

half-pound of taleggio

few fresh fennels (or their fronds)

three pounds of codfish

3/4 of liter of milk

one handful of capers (for this recipe the capers under salt  or fresh are better than under vinegar)

marine salt 

and…………………………… that’s it ! 



 the fresh fennels










 cut and discard the hardest part of the bottom









take off the biggest fronds:  if you like, you can use the whole fennel.









 These are the parts we are going to use now.









Usually what I do is to keep the tender parts for other preparations like “bitter fennels”








 Cut in big pieces each fennel









with the pieces that you have cut you make a layer inside an oven baking-pan.








 Fill all the bottom…










spread a pinch of salt around









spread half glass of milk around, too.









put in the oven at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) for 10 minutes: the fennels doesn’t have to cook now, only to fade.







 Prepare the “taleggio” cheese cream in this way:

 pour half-liter of milk in to a pot, warm it up.








clean the external part of the cheese: take the quantity of cheese you need: I will cut two pieces  of it for a total of half-pound







cut the cheese in pieces half-inch thick









put the pieces of cheese to melt in the milk: use “bagnomaria” to melt the cheese (keep the pot on the top of another pot where there is boiling water)







 take the capers










 wash under running water










 chop the capers small.










 drop in the milk










 keep stirring the milk until it starts to boil, then take out from the fire.









clean, wash and cut the codfish in generous pieces.









after taken the fennels out from the oven cover them with the pieces of codfish









after this spread well on the top the milk-cheese-capers mix, a big spoon is helpful.








drop in small quantities on the top of the codfish, do it slowly with kindness using all the milk-cheese-capers mix








 this is the final result.









 put in the oven to cook 25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius)










Here is ready!










 Look! this dish is so beautiful… plus its original and delicious!

Give one piece or more to each one of your guests………..








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