Preparing Asparagus

Asparagus deserve a little more of attention than other Vegetables because we can get Asparagus only in the Spring, because it is so Tasty, because it is so delicate, because it is also an healing herb and because it is my favorite Vegetable!



 usually Asparagus are sold in maze of one pound (450 grams) the price is higher than other Vegetables









 often the Asparagus are kept together with a rubber-ring: cut it with scissors








these two Asparagus are not the best: too much white: you must choose the more thin and green are the first choice!










we don’t eat the white but only the green: white has a different taste and it is too hard to eat! but it can be useful to make a broth with has good healing property for stomach, bladder and kidney.







we cut in that spot were the green color change in to white, we discard the white









we use only the green part for our preparations









doesn’t matter if the bigger part is white we must divide, to keep the green part and…









to discard the white










the green part must be flushed with running water









and we can use our Asparagus for many recipes










if we cook the whole Asparagus for example boiling in water we will set the head up, putting down the whiter part (stem) because this is more hard and in the pot the bottom is the hottest part, we have to protect the head (greener part) because heads are so tender that you can eat’em row! and they are so tasty, too!!!






if we have to prepare Sauces, “Minestra” or Broth may be we need to cut the Asparagus in small pieces: here how to proceed: after divided the best part from the hardest (greener from whiter)








you’ll cut in small pieces the stems you will cook them for first….










….only when they are almost ready you’ll add the heads to your recipe.










water is so important if you are simply going to boil your Asparagus: put in the pot only a small quantity of water adding a pinch of Marine Salt to mantain the green color and to give a good taste!









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