Roy Cruise’s new romance: “SURFING”

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  1. For the first time ever, the “surfing” is revealed in this book: it is the concept of new sexuality, a behavioral attitude that will amaze you . The two parallel stories of two girls from completely opposite realities intersect and develop on the same passenger ship where they work. In this environment events will take place that reveal the most hidden secrets of life on board, experienced by the officers and by the crew. In the background the plans of an efficient dark web group are revealed, which will involve the intelligence agencies, a compelling and emotional story, in which the concept of love is twisted by intense passions and cultural dogmas and in which the morality of family and friends is deepened where obscure intrigues are camouflaged with the purity of an affection that is nothing else if not convenience.
    Roy Cruise is the pseudonym of the author who, still today, is in service as an undercover agent, member of a special anti-terrorist group that operates on cruise ships to prevent and protect passengers. Roy is a Captain, and has been working for more than forty years at sea, twenty of them on passenger ships, and tells us terrible truths by analyzing human soul and behavior, revealing secrets and mysteries unknown to most. His books are inspired by the events experienced on his own skin and, despite being the fruit of his imagination, do not exclude situations and facts that really happened, as well as the characters described. The book “Surfing” is the first in a series of five stories, which explain the real background of both the intelligence of various countries, and the “gentlemen” of the dark web, up to tell the hidden secrets of the naval industry, in particular the life of the crew on passenger ships full of secrets not accessible to those who are not employees.

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