Sea Food

 It is imperative to eat only fresh Sea Foods this means “alive” Sea Food, because if one only of your Sea Food died already it will not only ruin your dish, it will poison your dish and you and your guests in extremely case can die, too. So you must pay accurate attention when you buy fresh Sea Food. Frozen Sea Food are good as well, and safer but also frozen Sea Foods cannot stand long time at normal temperature without deteriorate








Here in the picture you can see how sea foods are controlled by government authorities sea foods are cleaned purified in special plants, inspected, labeled and sold, in the label they must have written the origin, the date of packing and the serial number.







Furthermore, government inspectors do spot checks in the markets and fisheries, where they check if the Sea Foods are still alive and edible. After few hours from the death one sea food become rotten and it will contaminate the remaining sea foods, and this can be really serious.







But inspections and controls on sea foods are so strict that is practically impossible that something goes wrong. Also monetary sanctions are heavy and the seller could also  go in jail. 







I always buy and eat See Foods because I love them, and I trust in the controls carried out by the authorities, plus I do a good check, too; how? I sniff the sea foods and if they are not fresh they smell very bad, believe me.

Pay also attention because you can buy the sea food still fresh and then, because of warm temperature or the passing hours, they could became bad. Do not sit your bag with sea foods under the sun or in hot environment, always keep them at cold temperature, in the fridge and use a wet rag to cover them, the will remain alive for more time, I recommend to cook your sea foods on the same day you bought them.

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