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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Stewed Vegetables 1

Cookings, Foods, Italians, Recipes, Stewed, Vegetables, 1 More details are in my culinary books published by       Let’s get fresh vegetables: carrots, onions, turnips, eggplants; you can ad more of your choice. Aside keep ready extra virgin olive oil, marine salt and if you like white wine.               […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Raw Tuna 2

    Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Raw Tuna 2 Find more details in my culinary books published by                 Ingredients: Tuna fresh – one pound Pepper-bell (partially stewed in the oven (10 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit) Pear (fresh) – one Asparagus (fresh) – few Lemon (fresh) […]

Damped Tripe (Trippa Accomodata)

What about Tripe? On old times the good cuts of meat were for rich people only. Tripe was the only cheap meat that poor people could buy. Different kinds of preparations were experimented and so many recipes for tripe were born.  Usually fishermen, workmen and “Camalli” fed themselves and their families with tripe. Please go to “Aldentekitchen […]

Salsa Legata Ai Porcini Secchi

This is a particular kind of sauce, used when we have not enough ingredients to satisfy a lot of guests. We will multiply our sauce just adding broth and flour to it. The following recipe is carried out with dried porcini mushrooms (which, unfortunately, were not really at their best), but you can utilize the same process using meat, fish or other vegetables. Also you […]

Salciccia Con Pure’ Rustico

Another easy preparation with a tasty way to make mashed potatoes as side dish, too. The pork sausages are fresh and the potatoes too, “Bologna” yellow quality…simply the best…         Ingredients: (4 portions) one pound of  pork sausages one pound of potatoes two garlic cloves few sage leaves a pinch of marine salt […]

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