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Duck & Roasted Potatoes

 Duck has lovely and sweet meat, which can be prepared in thousand different ways, today I show you a recipe easy to carry-out, using only the Duck Legs and other few ingredients, I love Roasted Potatoes especially when they get the taste of the main course. Usually I prepare Duck with a Fruit Sauce which […]

Fish Roe Sauce

 Today i got a nice gift: I bought some Fin-Fishes and when I open three of them I found…their Eggs! Fresh Fish Roe are popular in many markets, in “La Bouqueria” of Barcelona-Spain  for example but in other places they are not even considered: very bad! Fish-Roe dishes are terrific! Fish Roe are delicate, so you need to handle […]

Cooking Foods: Italian Recipe Duck Sauce – Sugo D’Anatra

Cooking Foods: Italian Recipe Duck Sauce – Sugo D’Anatra Ingredients:   one breast of duck one pepper bell garlic extra virgin olive oil marine salt white wine tomato         I got a splendid breast of duck.                         I use simple ingrediants: […]

Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Rooster Risotto

I hope you have already got the recipe for “Barolo Rooster” so you can easily follow this one which is prepared with some parts of the same Rooster; on the same day I prepared and enjoyed both the recipes with my family and our close friends of Spotorno family and I set the dinner as follows: a good “Aperitivo” ( a light […]

Sea Bass & Potatoes

Fresh fish is the healthier protein food you can get. Today I bought 4 “Spigola” or “Branzino” a fish similar to Sea Bass. I want to cook it in the oven and in the simplest way, to maintain the fish taste high. I will add some Potatoes too, and I like give a fish flavour to […]

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