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Raw Fresh Tuna – Crudita’ Di Tonno

…Let’s say that Christmas is coming and you need to add an AWESOME appetizer to your menu’! what is better than this one! easy to do and tasty it is not too much expensive considering that with a slice of fresh Tuna (200 grams – half pound) you can make 4-6 appetizers!!! I WISH TO YOU […]

Fairy’s Pie – Torta delle Fate

My “Fairy’s Pie” it is my Christmas gift to you. AUGURI CARISSIMI !!! This is a good creamy cake, to prepare the dough kindly refer to category preparations “Dough for cakes # 3″ for more details. If you cannot find the ricotta cheese you can use your favorite light creamy cheese. The poppy seeds are to complete this cake, in […]

“Barolo” Rooster

Rooster is a King of nature, we must show respect and cook it in a proper way. The meat of Rooster has a particular taste which match well with red wines; “Barolo” is the King of Piedmont wines and it is appropriate put together two Kings to enrich our life: with a glorious and tasty meal. […]

Testina di Maiale

Yes I know, holydays are coming and I am glad to give you this recipe for a tasty appetizer, only I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe, if you are sensitive to blood please stop here because I am going to prepare the head of a small pig […]

Stuffed Squid

This is my true masterpiece : “Calamaro Ripieno” I dedicated this my own recipe to my Mom “Zita” for this reason is so important to me. I want to share love and joy with you all, please follow my instruction to do this recipe, then get a bite of this delicious dish, and you will finally be […]

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