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Cooking Foods: Italian Recipe Duck Sauce – Sugo D’Anatra

Cooking Foods: Italian Recipe Duck Sauce – Sugo D’Anatra Ingredients:   one breast of duck one pepper bell garlic extra virgin olive oil marine salt white wine tomato         I got a splendid breast of duck.                         I use simple ingrediants: […]

Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Rooster Risotto

I hope you have already got the recipe for “Barolo Rooster” so you can easily follow this one which is prepared with some parts of the same Rooster; on the same day I prepared and enjoyed both the recipes with my family and our close friends of Spotorno family and I set the dinner as follows: a good “Aperitivo” ( a light […]

Sea Bass & Potatoes

Fresh fish is the healthier protein food you can get. Today I bought 4 “Spigola” or “Branzino” a fish similar to Sea Bass. I want to cook it in the oven and in the simplest way, to maintain the fish taste high. I will add some Potatoes too, and I like give a fish flavour to […]

Raw Fresh Tuna – Crudita’ Di Tonno

…Let’s say that Christmas is coming and you need to add an AWESOME appetizer to your menu’! what is better than this one! easy to do and tasty it is not too much expensive considering that with a slice of fresh Tuna (200 grams – half pound) you can make 4-6 appetizers!!! I WISH TO YOU […]

Fairy’s Pie – Torta delle Fate

My “Fairy’s Pie” it is my Christmas gift to you. AUGURI CARISSIMI !!! This is a good creamy cake, to prepare the dough kindly refer to category preparations “Dough for cakes # 3″ for more details. If you cannot find the ricotta cheese you can use your favorite light creamy cheese. The poppy seeds are to complete this cake, in […]

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