The Basic 1 Garlic & Parsley Mix, Onion & Carrot Mix

These two mix are the basic we use in almost all of our recipes we do a first chopped mix with garlic and parsley and a second chopped  mix with onion and carrots, the quantity of ingredients are more or less the same, we put in two different containers adding one spoon of extra virgin olive oil on the top, then you can keep in the fridge for one week taking some of the mix every day and replacing some oil on the top (this in order to avoid the air to oxidize the ingredients);




First of all wash the Parsley in fresh water









take off the leaves which will be used then dry from the water










Clear the garlc from the skin








Put in the mixer garlic and parsley together








start to mix adding some oil to easy the chopping








prepare the pot with a film of oil







to spread on the internal pot surface









put the mix in to the pot 








gently push it down to the bottom









add one spoon of extra virgin olive oil on the top then put a lid and keep in the fridge







clear the carrots from impurities, cut off head and bottom, wash, cut in pieces








clear the onions from skin and impurities, wash and cut in pieces








put onion and carrots pieces in to the mixer









start the mix for few seconds only 








add two spoons of oil then start again the mixer for two seconds only 









prepare a pot with a small film of oil








put the mix in to the pot, cover with a spoon of oil, put the lid, keep in the fridge ready to use





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