Deep Fried Baccala’ Fish









Chickpeas Flour – 18 ounces/500 grams

Wheat Flour type “oo” – 18 ounces/500 grams

Dry Yest – 25 grams

Baccala‘ Fish – 4 pounds/2 kilos

Baccala Fritto (12)

Mix together the flours and yeast.

Baccala Fritto (14)

Add tap water and mix.

Baccala Fritto (17)

If add water until reaching a good mixture.

Baccala Fritto (19)

It has to be fluid in the right way, now I show you how.

Baccala Fritto (20)

Using the wooden spoon you  let slip out some of the mixture. This in the picture starts to be fine but is still too hard.

Baccala Fritto (23)

Adding more water and stirring I achieved the result of a soft mixture which easy stick on the pieces of the fish, without creating clots.

Baccala Fritto (24)

The Baccala’ has to be already desalted in water for few days.

Baccala Fritto (25)

Cut the fish in pieces, 2x 4 inches.

Baccala Fritto (26)

Deep the fish in the mixture to be fully covered with it.

Baccala Fritto (27)

Let the extra mixture dripping down few seconds.

Baccala Fritto (28)

Deep fry in oil (Sunflowers or peanuts or any good oil to fry) at temperature of 200 Celsius/390 Fahrenheit.

Baccala Fritto (29)

Spread some marine salt on top and eat!

Beef Broth (Stock) With Veggies


Beef Broth With Veggies (3)



Carrot – Onion – Garlic – Celeriac – Fennel – Potato – Eggplant – Chilly – Ginger

Extra virgin olive oil

Marine Salt

Beef Broth With Veggies (2)

Start frying carrot and onion in extra virgin olive oil.

Beef Broth With Veggies (4)

Add the beef.

Beef Broth With Veggies (5)

Broil each side of the beef.

Beef Broth With Veggies (6)

Skin the potatoes and cut in dices.

Beef Broth With Veggies (7)

Clean the fennel and cut in pieces.

Beef Broth With Veggies (13)

Do the same to the eggplant.

Beef Broth With Veggies (14)

Clean from the seeds and cut also the chillies.

Beef Broth With Veggies (15)

Add all the veggies to the pot, stir well for a couple of minutes. Then add water to cover everything, almost reaching the border of the pot, and boil at low fire. Usually I keep three-four fingers down from the top.

Beef Broth With Veggies (16)

Cut the ginger in half, add to the pot; later we will remove from the broth.

Beef Broth With Veggies (17)

Cover with a lid and let boil, at low fire, for at least one hour.

Beef Broth With Veggies (21)

Set the fire at the minimum to keep the broth boiling slowly.

Beef Broth With Veggies (19)

Add three pinches of marine salt, later on check the salinity, and add more if necessary.

Beef Broth With Veggies (20)

Keep boiling for another hour.


Beef Broth With Veggies (26)

The result will be delicious, this broth ig good for any recipes, and you can eat the beef with any sauce you like.

Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck




Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck

If you want it “vegetarian” just don’t add the speck prosciutto.






Speck Prosciutto (seasoned & light smoked prosciutto from north of Italy)

Formaggetta Cheese (cheese at the beginning of its seasoning, not soft but half stiff: Robiola, Tomino, pecorino fresco, primosale, etc.)

Eggs, fresh

Garlic and Onion

Extra virgin olive oil


Start frying the onion in extra virgin olive oil.


Cut in pieces the asparagus and the Speck prosciutto.

As the onion fades, drop them in the fry-pan.


Let cook just till the fat of the speck starts to melt.


You boiled already the pasta, drop it now inside the fry-pan.


Add less than half glass of white wine and stir well, cooking two-three minutes.


You need very fresh eggs, since we are not going to cook them. In Italy each egg is certified and can be eaten raw, we have a strong control on it by our authorities.


Set off the fire, add the whole eggs and stir well.


Cut in cubes the cheese.


Drop the cheese and stir well.


You can add grated parmesan cheese on the top if you like it.


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Sardines Fish Pie



Sardina Fish – cleaned from head, guts, scales, bones – one pound

Bred Crumbs, very small – 0ne pound

Egg, fresh – 4 eggs

Grated Cheese – 4 ounces

Extra virgin olive oil



Sardina Fish or “Sarda” is one of the “Pesce Azzurro” from Mediterranean sea. Choose the bigger ones and ask the seller to clean from head, guts, scales, bones leaving the two side together by the skin. This operation looks complicate but, believe me, its very easy for any fisherman. For this recipe, instead of Sardines, you could use Anchoves or any other small fish that you like.

sarde (2)

Sardines are cleaned and ready.

sarde (8)

Put 4 ounces of grated cheese and two fresh eggs inside a bowl.

sarde (13)

Mix together with a fork.

sarde (15)

Add one spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

sarde (20)

I use aluminum oven-pan: cover the bottom with a thin layer of Bread Crumbs.

sarde (22)

Now we seat the Sardines inside the oven-pan: before to proceed check, one by one, to remove any bones left, especially the dorsal fin.

sarde (23)

Just remove the dorsal fin with the fingers.

sarde (25)

Make a layer with half of the Sardines.

sarde (26)

Spread some bread crumbs on top.

sarde (28)

Make a layer of the eggs and cheese mixture.

sarde (31)

Spread it well on top of the fishes.

sarde (32)

Put the rest of Sardines on top covering everything.

sarde (34)

Still spread bread crumbs.

sarde (36)

Cook in the oven at 360 Fahrenheit 7 180 Celsius for 8-12 minutes.

sarde (38)

Let cool down before to cut the portions.


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