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Regarding the quantities of Ingredients……….

……………Regarding the quantities of Ingredients………. You have noted that I give you just an “hint” regarding the weight of the ingredients, I use half glass, two spoon, one pinch, and other ways to indicate you an approximate quantity; I do it with the purpouse to make you able to cook Italian Traditional Way with everything […]

Risotto Dried Porcini

….Dried “Porcini”Mushroom Risotto…..YUMMI !!!

Cleaning Fish: Seafood: Mussels (Mytilus Edulis)

  Let’s go to see how to clean mussels             fresh mussels must be cleaned from their “beard” and the external impurities, the Mussels in the picture are common in Mediterranean Sea, these are from Obia (Sardinia Island); we are going to use a normal kitchen knife and our fingers for this operation. […]


  Mussel is a wonderful ingredient, with his own particular taste; you should read the Section:  “Preparation” for the cleaning of this seafood and the Section “Recipes” to see different ways to cook them; but I want to spend some words here because we must be cautious when buying,   storing, preparing and eating this […]

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