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How To Clean Cooked Fish – Snapper

Cooked fish is easy to clean, if you know “how” to do it! often I noticed people not able to clean properly their fish and this is a pity! how much of good food is wasted! I must do something… I know, for me it’s easy because I practically grown eating fish, but I want to be helpful […]

How To Clean Fish – Fresh Snapper

The quality of the fresh fish is paramount to us: the water salinity of the Mediterranean Sea is peculiar to give to outr fishes the rich taste that is so difficult to find in other parts of the world. Obviously I carry out all the preparations using the best fish available, considering that living in […]

Sea Food

 It is imperative to eat only fresh Sea Foods this means “alive” Sea Food, because if one only of your Sea Food died already it will not only ruin your dish, it will poison your dish and you and your guests in extremely case can die, too. So you must pay accurate attention when you […]

Sea Food Preparation – Canolicchi Vongole

Shelled Sea Foods are so tasty and delicate that make our heart immediately happy! It is imperative to eat only fresh Sea Food: this means “ALIVE” Sea Food, please go to read in the category “Ingredients” more details.     Here in the picture you can see how sea foods are controlled by government authorities: sea […]

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