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Dough for Cake #2 (Eggs – No Yeast)

 This dough “pasta” will be friable. Ingredients: 9 ounces (250 grams) of Butter 16 ounces (500 grams) of Wheat Flour (type 00) 2 Eggs  one glass of Brown Sugar – half Glass of Milk       Few genuine ingredients only: this dough is for the humble cakes prepared by housewives, no yeast is used. if you […]

Dough For Cakes # 1 (Yeast – No Eggs)

 Often we like to eat a Vegetable pie as appetizer and a good cake as dessert, too, without use many different ingredients and tools I tell you the easiest way: use the same base for the initial Dough! You can refer to the category “Dough-Impastare” to discover that the base of the Vegetable pie and simple cake I propose […]

Preparing Asparagus

Asparagus deserve a little more of attention than other Vegetables because we can get Asparagus only in the Spring, because it is so Tasty, because it is so delicate, because it is also an healing herb and because it is my favorite Vegetable!      usually Asparagus are sold in maze of one pound (450 […]

Dough For Salty Pies (Simple # 1)

Here the instruction to make an “ultimate” Dough for your pies, this is specific for “salty” pie like those with Vegetable stuffing and it is really simple to prepare; You can also refer to category “Preparations-Dough-Impastare – Dough for Cakes”.      Ingredients: (or a small pie of 6-8 portions: the quantities below are referred […]

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