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Spinach on the side – Spinaci in Padella

This side dish is simple and so good that he can be eaten a main course, too. Spinach is an important ingredient of many traditional Italian recipes and for its versatility can be prepared in many different ways along with meat, fish, other vegetable or alone. Following is the most simple of the recipes, I just […]

Porcini Con Patate E Salciccia

When they were young kids my parents got a war on their shoulder, our town, Genoa, was bombed many times in the fourthies and for four years there wasn’t water and food enough: everything was very difficult to find. My parents taught me to never throw away food if it is still good, instead do a remake of […]

Plum Cake – Torta Composta di Prugna

Plum is a wonderful fruit, which I use a lot for my food preparations, also because I have plum-tree in my garden! This cake is very easy to be done, and really tasty! Ingredients: (2 cakes) two pounds (1 kilo) of fresh plums 10 oz (300 grams) of brown sugar – one cup of whole milk one […]

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