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Roasted Seabream (Pagaro) With Pepper Bell Sauce

Seabream is our “Pagaro,” remember the most important thing about fish is the freshness of the fish you get! We are going to prepare a special “pepper bell sauce” for the fish and to delight your palate.         Ingredients: (three persons) three fresh Seabream half kilo (one pound) of pepper bells two garlic […]

Tomato Sauce

                  This is a wonderful preparation of a genuine Italian “Tomato Sauce” which we use daily as seasoning for pasta or for other preparations. The ingredients are: two carrots one small onion (more or less the same weight of the carrots) three cloves of garlic three leaves […]

Wildboar Heart

I got these hearts from wildboars hunters: these are so fresh you cannot imagine: just check the pictures! I added spinach as side dish: you will find the recipe as “spinach on the side“.            Ingredients: wildboar heart parsley & garlic mix (find it in category “preparations”) extra virgin olive oil marine […]

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