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Linguine with Oven Made Fin Fish Sauce

It is different to prepare a fish as main course and a fish as side dish for “Pasta”: you should notice that in this following recipe for “Fin Fish Sauce” to be used as Pasta condiment; the recipe for “Simple Roasted Fin Fish” is simpler because it address you how to cook a fish in a simple way; […]

Simply Roasted Fin Fish

Hi Hunt (WM)! this recipe is for you! Still waiting you come to visit Italy…so I’ll prepare some “special” dish just for you! It will be a tasty preparation: first of all you clean the Fin Fishes as per instruction in the category “Preparations”; this recipe is very close to  “Linguine with Fin Fish Sauce”: see category […]

Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods:Drowned Quail

    Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Drowned Quail The final result of this recipe will be so tender that the taste will please your mouth and fill joy in your heart!’ Quails are actually grown in the farms, sometimes the Quails were hunted in the wild, you can try this recipe with […]

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Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Deep Fried Fish – Frittura Tradizionale: Calamari Gamberi & Triglie – Aldentekitchen

  Italian Recipes: Cooking Traditional “Cucina Italiana” Foods: Deep Fried Fish – Frittura Tradizionale: Calamari Gamberi & Triglie – Aldentekitchen  Very fast I will explain you how to make the traditional “frittura di pesce” the ingredients are few: only flour and…fresh fishObviously you’ll need the proper oil to fry and this time it is a mix […]

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