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Truffle Spaghetti – Spaghetti al Tartufo

  Truffles, in particular White Truffles, are one of the most expensive food worldwide. Luckily I live so close to Alba, Piedmont, the motherland of White Truffle. Here a simple recipe to make your Spaghetti with White Truffle, very easy for you.         Ingredients: (4 portions) 30-50 grams of Truffles 500 grams […]

Crispy Sea Food – Canolicchi Gratinati

Please, prior to proceed you must read my previous posts about Sea Food in the two categories “Ingredients” & “Preparations” After that prepare yourself to an incredible dish: Crispy Sea Food! I don’t add here any type of dressing you can add to this preparation, I eat Cannolicchi Gratinati with lemon and salt only, because I […]

Sea Food Sauce Vongole

Please prior to proceed go to read my previous comments about seafood in the categories “Ingredients” & “Preparations”            This we are going to prepare is one of the most tasty, delicate and easy-to-do recipe of Italian Traditional Cuisine!  I promise you tremendous joy today!             […] final: how to make Salt “Pancetta” at home

You will find the part 3 (final) in the video I post in YouTube: how to make Salt “Pancetta” at home

You will find part 1 & 2 in the  video I post in YouTube :

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