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Pine-Cone Cake

Pine-Cones are wide used in Italy, their taste is able to give a “magic touch” to every  dish and things so simple like the following cake become desirable as your eyes notices Pine-Cones on top… primary instinct…the need for lovely food… Kindly refer also to category “Preparations: Dough-Impastare-Dough for Cakes” you’ll find details there!   Ingredients: (one […]

Egg Plant Parmigiana

This is one of my favorite dish: prepared for me by my mama since I was a kid and never I get enough!!! Pay attention: I will teach you two ways to cook the Egg-Plant Parmigiana: in the oven or in to a fry-pan with lid, do not make confusion: your choice for the more […]

Asparagus Pie

Asparagus is my favorite Vegetable. there are different types of asparagus: green, white, purple, smaller and wild, this doesn’t matter to me I like them all! when I cook asparagus I pay a lot of attention to not damage the head which is incredibly tasty when consistent. I boil asparagus in a little quantity of water so at the end […]

Cream Of Leek

This which we are going to prepare is a delicate Sauce of Vegetable it is suggested for dressing of either Fish or Meat, other Vegetables or even Eggs.                       start cutting off the roots                   you should see […]

Roasted Snapper & Lemon Potatoes

Roasted fish its excellent meal for any diet or party! you can eat so much you like and still you don’t have to worry about calories and fat, if you like the fish like I do with only a pinch of salt and some drops of fresh lemon juice.     we are going to […]

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