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Roasted Dried Codfish (Stoccafisso al Forno)

There are two kind of Codfish used in the Italian culinary tradition: the codfish dried  with Salt named: “Baccala’” and the codfish dried by air: named: “Stoccafisso”. these two variety of the same fish are used for different preparations and we don’t mix them up. For example fried “Stoccafisso” cannot match with fried “Baccala’”, on the […]

Oven Humid Roasted Lamb

  I believe that the Lamb  was the oldest cooked food prepared by every culture, there are thousands of different recipes for the Lamb, this meat  is really “versatile” to preparations of any kind, what I prefer? barbecued Lamb, but today I want to make it humid and soft and I will do it using the […]

Country Stile Pie – Torta Rustica

This is the Pie my mother prepared for me when I was a kid. It is really easy to make and it contains only few natural ingredients. This pie will be friable and you must be careful when you cut it because the pieces will easily broken. It is good have a piece in the afternoon […]

Dry “Porcini” Mushroom Sauce

First of all, if you want to make this recipe “Vegetarian” please do not put the Prosciutto, and you still have a wonderful, tasty and original “Mushroom Sauce”. Well, if you can get fresh “Porcini” Mushrooms will be better! but fresh mushroom are in the market only on the right season, so if you like […]

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