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Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Well, a triumph of Vegetables on your table! this preparation is simple and pleasant to see and tasty to eat, I am truly happy to show you it! You can prepare this recipe as appetizer, as side plate or even as vegetarian main course! You could add to this recipes more ingredients, like raisins, pine-cones, […]

Ovoli Mushroom Pie – Tortino di Ovoli al Forno

Today morning my son Michele got “Ovoli” mushrooms in the woods around my home….let’s go to do something special! you can do the same recipe with any other kind of edible mushrooms…pay attention to the dangerous toxic mushrooms: always check with an expert.     Ovoli !                 […]

Livers & Onions in Velvet Sauce – Fegatini con Cipollotti In Vellutata

Liver of small animals like rabbit and chicken is sweet and tasty, also the wild boar, deer and hare have a sweet Liver. here I am cooking rabbit livers, you can do the same recipe for other animals, too.         Liver should be fresh with homogeneous color, no smell at all, remove […]

Country Jam Cake – Crostata Rustica

The easier cake to do is “Crostata” with jam.  You can make your own jam or use a sweet compote of fruit or buy a good quality jam in the market. The dough “pasta” should be friable. The following is a genuine preparation which children adore, easy to make and healthy!           […]

Mushroom & Potatoes – Ovoli con Patate

The “Ovoli” are one of the  best quality of Italian Mushroom, only “Porcini” Mushroom can match with them. the main difference is that the “Ovoli” have less aggressive taste and are so sweet and delicate, leaving a persistent mushroom  taste in the mouth; usually we eat “Ovoli” as raw with only drops of lemon, extra […]

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