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A Peach Full Of Love

I would like tell you a short story about food and love: “Once upon a time there was the happy village of Uruk, later capital of Lagah. Two young lovers, Gaala and Hirkush, were living in Uruk. They were so much in love of each-other! One day, Gaala and Hirkush planted a small peach tree in a […]

Vinegar, Tripes & “Madonna” Faith!

I have born in Genoa. My town was one of the four “Repubbliche Marinare” the Captain’s Towns of Genova, Venezia, Pisa, Amalfi : they ruled the Mediterranean sea and Europe, North Africa, West Asia until the discover of the West Indies: America. Genoa has always been the biggest port of Mediterranean sea until today. A […]


“Once upon a time, when humans were still building the original sphinx, thousands of years earlier the universal flooding, which was sent by the Creator to clean the earth from abominable demons, still dragons had human semblance and took advantage of their powers: dragons dominated entire countries slaughtering the folks just to have fan. One […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Clean” Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Fish “Clean” Sauce More details in my culinary books published in Get some spices you like. You need sage, garlic, basil or parsley…  Tomato and onion, I like salt capers too….  Any kind of fish is good… just it need to be fresh. Lets start!  Chop one onion and start to […]

Zucchini Sauce

Ingredients: (5-6 portions)         Fusilli Pasta 1 pound (appx. 500 grams) Zucchini 1 pound (there are different kind of zucchini: long dark green, long light green, Ball Zucchini, ecc.) Garlic two cloves Red Chilly if you like spicy White Wine half glass Extra Virgin Olive Oil three spoons Salt       […]

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