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Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Soup With Squid & Broad Beans

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Soup With Squid & Broad Beans More details in my culinary books published by   My dear friend Capt. Stefano Battinelli, thanks to show me this excellent soup, I did great job at home and the result exceeded my expectation!   Ingredients: Squid (calamari) fresh – two pounds Broad-beans (fave) […]

Codfish In Cheese Cream – Stoccafisso Al Taleggio

There are so many different excellent cheeses in Italy. One of the best is “taleggio” a creamy cheese born in the  homonym beautiful village of Taleggio stoned in the nature near Bergamo in north of Italy. In this recipe I will use the harder part of the fennels (I separated and put away in the recipe “bitter fennels”). If you are […]

Butter Spinach With Balsamic Vinegar

Just a simple and quick way to cook your spinaches, complementary to your main course (tomorrow I’ll post the main course …small livers..)…    first of all, prepare the spinaches cleaning and washing them very well with running fresh water….you can use frozen spinaches, too….              the colander will help you to dry […]

Bronze Bream with Olives & Capers – Pagello Olive e Capperi

I was in the fish-market when I sought those truly fresh fishes  (in the pictures) at a convenient price: immediately I bought! The bronze bream or  “pagello” is red fish with tasty flesh, I am going to show you one of the easiest way to cook it with few ingredients: this is really dietetic food but […]

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