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Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck

      Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck If you want it “vegetarian” just don’t add the speck prosciutto.       Ingredients: Asparagus Speck Prosciutto (seasoned & light smoked prosciutto from north of Italy) Formaggetta Cheese (cheese at the beginning of its seasoning, not soft but half stiff: Robiola, Tomino, pecorino fresco, primosale, etc.) […]

Sardines Fish Pie

Sardines Pie

Aldentekitchen Landing Page Missing from the WEB (

  Good day everyone. I noticed that www.aldentekitchen landing page is missing from the web. I am figuring out what had happened, in order to re-post the page; but it will take time. Luckily my blog is working fine: I will keep a post every two weeks as usual. Maurizio A.D.K.

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