A Peach Full Of Love

I would like tell you a short story about food and love: “Once upon a time there was the happy village of Uruk, later capital of Lagah. Two young lovers, Gaala and Hirkush, were living in Uruk. They were so much in love of each-other! One day, Gaala and Hirkush planted a small peach tree in a secret place. This tree was to watch their true love to last forever. Unfortunately, after few months, the war came and Hirkush was sent to the front. Gaala became sad and often went to cry under the peach tree while this was growing. The war was really cruel and after a while, Hirkush had to flee abroad because his country lost the war and was invaded by the enemy. Our beautiful Gaala, being truly in love with Hirkush, was now forced to marry to a general of the enemy army (Balagar) this was to avoid the killing of her parents and the slaughtering of her village people. Few months passed and Gaala thought that Hirkush was killed or he has left her, so year after year she start to love her husband Balagar, who was now the mayor of the village, very close and powerful with the state government.  After 10 years Hirkush, who didn’t know about Gaala, went back to the village to see her. He was still in love and willing to marry her. He went to her home, Gaala’s parents met and recognized him but fearing Balagar rage, they call the military police and Hirkush was slaughtered as spy. When Gaala knew her loved Hirkush killed due to her parents betrayal, she decided to end her life.  So she walked until the peach tree, grown very tall now, and she looked to find a tree limb strong enough to hang herself. While she was seeking for the limb she noticed one gorgeous peach in front of her eyes. Gaala decided to eat the fruit before she leave this world. So she bite the peach, so sweet, so tasteful! Suddenly, Gaala mouth, mind and heart were filled by the wonderful taste. She realized the beauty of this world, lasting even if the heart is broken by a painful loss. She embraced and kissed the tree like it was her loved Hirkush, then she went back to her husband Balagar willing to love him until the end of her days and to forget Hirkush, she did not come anymore to visit the peach tree. Gaala didn’t notice that the tree, which was nourished with love for years, suddenly dried and died for the strong effort to produce, only for her, one peach full of love.” _Maurizio Russo.

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