Asparagus Pie

Asparagus is my favorite Vegetable. there are different types of asparagus: green, white, purple, smaller and wild, this doesn’t matter to me I like them all! when I cook asparagus I pay a lot of attention to not damage the head which is incredibly tasty when consistent. I boil asparagus in a little quantity of water so at the end of this process they will be like steamed and not boiled I do this because I don’t want to disperse the asparagus taste in the water.

Further recipe details you’ll find in category “Preparations – Preparing Asparagus” and category “Preparations – Dough For Salty Pie”



Ingredients: (6-8 portions)

two pounds (1 kilo) of Asparagus

one pound (500 grams) of seasoned grounded Cheese (Parmesan, Grana, Pecorino)

three fresh Eggs – Marine Salt

few Garlic Cloves – two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

half pound (250 grams) of Flour (type 00) – 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fresh Beer Yeast (you can also use dry yeast if you cannot get the fresh one)

half pound (250 grams) of Butter – 9 ounces (a quarter of liter) of Milk (whole is better) – a small spoon of Sugar (brown is better)




refer to category “Preparations – Preparing Asparagus”: cut each asparagus where the green change in to white










you can see internally it is still green and tender, if it is white is too hard to eat and there is enormous difference in taste between the green and the white part; use only the green for this preparation









wash the asparagus in running water: don’t be rude! use kindness and your dish will be wonderfully tasty!










set apart to dry a bit.












you see this part? going to the head is the best of this Vegetable: it is also the most tender so we need to take care of it…









cut the best part off!











now you got two parts: the heads will be cooked later…









the stem will be cooked before and for longer time.










so separate each head from its stem








put in a bowl the heads only











we keep the heads apart for now…










…regarding the stems…









…we put them in a bowl with fresh water for a little bit












with delicacy cut the heads in smaller parts











always not cutting the top of the heads (where are the petals which are more delicate and tasty: we don’t want to hurt them!)









put back in the bowl











take out from the water the stems and to cut them in small pieces: less than half-inch.










put apart









prepare a pot with little water inside: as you can see the depth is less than one inch










put on the fire to boil adding one pinch of Marine Salt, cover with a lid or the water will evaporate too much, we need a small quantity of water to make the steam









as soon water is boiling drop the pieces of stems










cover with a lid and cook for three minutes, no more than five minutes










as you see the color is beautifully green!









immediately drop in the colander













set apart to cool down










let’s go to prepare the Dough!

please check details in “Preparations – Dough For Salty Pie”

add fresh Beer Yeast to half cup of warm Milk








in order to speed the growning process add a bit of sugar









after 15 minutes it will be ready!










mix the Butter with the Flour












mix very well











add the Yeast











mix everything










add two spoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil










conclude your Dough, it must become homogeneous and soft (if it is too hard add some milk if it is too soft and stick on your fingers add some flour)










this is fantastic Dough!











divide in two parts and make two balls: the first one a little bit bigger










put some Flour on the wood











and go to mold the first Dough ball with your hands











first making a round plate











and then using the “Mattarello” stick











make a large and thin plate: again please refer to category “Preparing Dough for Salty Pie” all details are in there.









get your oven-pan on top to get the correct size you need









cut the pasta a bit larger than the oven-pan









prepare a second large and thin plate with your second ball of dough










spread some flour on the bottom of your oven-pan










put inside the first plate of pasta











enlarge with your fingers and the palms of your hands: fill all the spaces










this is the good result: do not break the pasta! if it breaks put a small piece of (thin) pasta on top  to cover the hole









back to the stuffing: drop the asparagus stems pieces (only stems – do not chop the heads and their pieces) in to the food processor









add three-four Garlic Cloves: if you don’t like Garlic or you have allergy to it simply do not put it!

chop for two minutes









add three Eggs









add the Cheese (already grounded)

and chop everything for two-three minutes








this is the result!











set the asparagus heads and their tender pieces on top of the pasta in the oven-pan









after that add the mixing from the food-processor










spread well on the bottom











set on top the second plate of pasta: no hurry! do it slow and with kindness










on the oven-pan border you should have the two external parts of the two pasta plates: put them together and turn them for all the perimeter of the border








as you finish make some small holes with a knife: the steam produced from the heat will go out from these holes avoiding to break the top surface of your pie








some drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the top










are spread around to have a characteristic final color











it is time to cook you pie :

approximately 25 minutes at 660 Fahrenheit (350 Celsius) or 35 minutes at 480 Fahrenheit (250 Celsius) but remember you must check as a tasty smell will recall you!









here the pie perfectly cooked!











this is my first portion: it was a fantastic experience!


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