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Deep Fried Baccala’ Fish

              Ingredients: Chickpeas Flour – 18 ounces/500 grams Wheat Flour type “oo” – 18 ounces/500 grams Dry Yest – 25 grams Baccala‘ Fish – 4 pounds/2 kilos Mix together the flours and yeast. Add tap water and mix. If add water until reaching a good mixture. It has to […]

Beef Broth (Stock) With Veggies

  Ingredients: Beef Carrot – Onion – Garlic – Celeriac – Fennel – Potato – Eggplant – Chilly – Ginger Extra virgin olive oil Marine Salt Start frying carrot and onion in extra virgin olive oil. Add the beef. Broil each side of the beef. Skin the potatoes and cut in dices. Clean the fennel […]

Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck

      Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck If you want it “vegetarian” just don’t add the speck prosciutto.       Ingredients: Asparagus Speck Prosciutto (seasoned & light smoked prosciutto from north of Italy) Formaggetta Cheese (cheese at the beginning of its seasoning, not soft but half stiff: Robiola, Tomino, pecorino fresco, primosale, etc.) […]

Sardines Fish Pie

Sardines Pie

Aldentekitchen Landing Page Missing from the WEB (

  Good day everyone. I noticed that www.aldentekitchen landing page is missing from the web. I am figuring out what had happened, in order to re-post the page; but it will take time. Luckily my blog is working fine: I will keep a post every two weeks as usual. Maurizio A.D.K.

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