“Once upon a time, when humans were still building the original sphinx, thousands of years earlier the universal flooding, which was sent by the Creator to clean the earth from abominable demons, still dragons had human semblance and took advantage of their powers: dragons dominated entire countries slaughtering the folks just to have fan. One of those demons was Balagoor, the “black gentle dragon” whose power was to kindly seduce young virgins and then, touching the virgin forehead with his dragon forehead, was able to pass inside the third eye opening and go through the unconscious girl till to reach her belly, this in order to instill inside her reproductive system his dragon eggs. These eggs would be fertilized by her husband as she marry; the children born after on will be slaves of Balagoor, on their eyes will be the Balagoor mark as their eyes pupils having a yellow mark around, just like petals of a sunflower. To punish Balagoor of his sins against children and humans and to stop his cruelty, the Creator sent the archangel Raphael to get rid of the dragon. Raphael beheaded Balagoor just while the moon was in the between of the sun and the earth, making a total eclipse which made the dragon blind to see Raphael sword flying to his throat. As Balagoor died all his powers passed to Raphael, including that of enslave children. Raphael is a compassioned archangel, he loves human beings and, since then, he use Balagoor powers to eventually bless those who move his heart to piety, commiseration and love, to make their kids stronger and healthy, to make them forever free from slavery and willing to live an honest and happy life.”

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