“Barolo” Rooster

Rooster is a King of nature, we must show respect and cook it in a proper way. The meat of Rooster has a particular taste which match well with red wines; “Barolo” is the King of Piedmont wines and it is appropriate put together two Kings to enrich our life: with a glorious and tasty meal.

I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe: if you are sensitive to blood please don’t go further.


After this paradisiacal preparation I will prepare a special “Risotto” with parts of the same Rooster we are going to cook now, find it in category  “Recipes – Meat – Rooster Risotto”

these two aforementioned plates are so rich and tasty to drive you mad!

please use a “Rooster” and not a “Chicken” for this preparation, there is huge difference between the two!






 Ingredients: (4-6 persons)

one Rooster of 4 pounds (2 kilo) already without feathers

one pound (half kilo) of Pepper-Bells

10 ounces (300 grams) of “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta” (find it in category “Video”)

7 ounces of Black Olives – 4 ounces of Dried “Porcini” Mushrooms

2 glasses of Tomato Sauce – half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

two spoons of “Onion & Carrots Mix” (find it in the category “Preparations”)

few Garlic Cloves – Few Laurel leaves – Marine Salt

one glass of “Barolo” Red Wine






 OK, let’s go to wash, clean and cut our Rooster: separate from the body all the internal organs but not discard them, we will use for “Rooster Risotto”, also follow the instruction in category”Preparations” to get rid of feathers;








 actually the Gallbladder is to us the most important organ in the animal body: we must be careful to not break it or all the meat will become too bitter; we discard the Gallbladder after separated from the Liver.  








 here is the Gallbladder: we must discard it!









 again in detail the Gallbladder.










 wattles, ear lobes and comb will be cut and used for the “Risotto”











 these following pictures are only to show you how I separate the pieces…












 …then we are going to use the neck, head and lower legs to make a simple broth wich will be truly useful on our preparations.









ounce separated from the body wattles, ear lobes and comb should be cleaned from their hair and eventually feathers, here I use a small propane welding tool to carry out the job, you can do it on your kitchen fire, too.









 the Stomach, after cut open,  should be emptied of the food residual and washed










 here the separated parts which we will use to make the broth: Head & Neck, Liver, Lungs, Lower Legs, the edges of Wings, The Tail, part of the fat and skin, cleaned washed and ready. If the Rooster you bought is already cleaned, still you have small parts which can be used to make the broth like skin and fat, or you could even use only Vegetables as Onion, Carrots, Garlic, Celery…

the Testicles, Lungs, Kidneys, Heart, part of the Breast and of the Skin will be used to make the “Rooster Risotto”







 just drop in the water with a pinch of Marine Salt and leave to boil.

Please note that we need the broth for the “Rooster Risotto” recipe, but it could be useful also now, because may be you run out of Tomato Sauce or even you don’t like Wine, just use the appropriate quantity of broth, but use it in small quantities per time and after the Rooster is almost cooked, you don’t want to boil it!







 you have already sectioned the body parts, now you go to cut them in small pieces using a knife and a weight, pay attention the blade can slip and cut your hands!








 take the fat from your piece of “Prosciutto Crudo” or “Pancetta” cut in small pieces










 yes, small pieces…

…let’s go to make the “Soffritto”!












 put the half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in to a fry pan and drop the “Prosciutto Crudo” to fry… 









 …you will see the fat melts and fades…











 the part of fat became liquid will add taste to your preparation.

as the fat reduced the volume you’ll add firstly… 








 …the chopped Pepper-Bells…










 …and the two spoons of “Onion & Carrots Mix”










 stir well with a wooden tool, cook for few minutes, then…











 …add the chopped Garlic










 mix everything until all ingredients faded…











 …then add the Laurel Leaves … your “Soffritto is now ready to welcome the meat!










 …after that put the pieces of meat in the “Soffritto”, cook to roast skin and meat at least for 10-12 minutes without lid…during this time you will stir and move the parts  every three-four minutes, make the “Soffritto” goes everywhere.








 …after this, add the Tomato Sauce and  two-three pinches of Marine Salt…











 …and the Olives, stir and cook for another 12-15 minutes, the Sauce will reduce, you can add few spoons of broth if needed…during this time you will stir and move the parts  every three-four minutes: do a good job to have every part of meat in touch with the sauce.







 now the Rooster meat is almost cooked: it is time to add the Red Wine “Barolo”!!!

 cover with a lid, let it cooks for another 5-6 minutes then open the lid…








 again stir well











 do the check for the salinity 











 in case you need add the Marine Salt one pinch at while, stir and re-check, do not exaggerate!









 as you see the preparation is still too liquid, no worries, let’s cook it slowly…put down the fire and stir…








…I needed other 7-8 minutes to achieve the correct density!

I try again the salinity, just in case…but it was perfect!






 here we go! set one or two pieces of meat in the plate and drop two-three spoons of sauce on top…you’ll will not believe how it is good!







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