Berodo – Blood Sausage – Morsilla

This is typical old recipe, the main ingredient is the blood-sausage which we call “berodo” in my born town of Genoa.  The “berodo” is a sausage filled with cooked pig  and/or cattle blood mixed with flour and/or other ingredients such as pine-cones, chocolates or wine this depends from the region where it is prepared.  The following is our family recipe.




 Ingredients: (4-6 portions)

four  “berodi”

2 ounces of pine-cones

4 ounces of raisin

one spoon of ‘ “onion & carrot mix” find it in category “Preparations”

 two cloves of garlicextra virgin olive oil

few laurel leaves  – white wine – marine salt 




 Start washing the raisin











 cut the blood sausage skin










open each one extracting the content: only the stuffing will be cooked









no matter if you break the stuffing or if you leave big pieces: some people like it big while other like it smashed it will be good the same. 








 set in a plate and keep them ready.










 put two-three spoons of extra virgin olive oil in a fry-pan, warm it up then add one spoon of “onion & garlic mix” four laurel leaves and two cloves of garlic







 as the “soffritto” start to fry add the “berodi”










add a good pinch of marine salt: half spoon should be enough. Please do not exaggerate with the salt you can always check the salinity later on, when the dish is almost ready.








stir a bit making the soffritto goes with the berodi, then add the pine-cones









 add the raisin too (this after you have squeezed them of the water).









cook it slowly, stir every two-three minutes










 as you see they start to get cooked (six-eight minutes they start to dark) add half glass of white wine and…









 …cover with a lid.

let it covered to cook for three-four minutes









 then open the lid, stir and check for the salinity: add more salt only if needed.










 you need to cook slowly










 stir every two-three minutes










 well, approximately in 20 minutes since you started you should have the berodi ready.









 this is a strong plate, but delicious!

















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