Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sour Fennels (Finocchi All’Agro)


Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sour Fennels (Finocchi All’Agro)





Fennel is easy to prepare and it is tasty by itself, usually I like to eat this vegetable raw or dipped in extra virgin olive oil, but it is a good companion for a strong main course because we need, in order to a better appreciation of our meal, to change the palate taste during our happy time at the kitchen table.






2-4 Fennels

one spoon of “Parsley & Garlic Mix”: refer to category “Preparations”

two spoons of extra virgin olive oil

 one lemon

marine salthalf glass of white wine





After washed under running water, prepare each fennel cutting-off the hard part of the bottom








then grabbing the stem open the fennel taking out only the harder fronds








we will use these harder fronds for another recipe









instead we will  cook the tender fronds in few minutes









these fennels are so sweet!









cut each fennel in slices of half inch, if the stem is fresh and tender cut it, too, we will use it.









add the extra virgin olive oil to a fry-pan and heat










put the “parsley & garlic mix” to fry just a bit, no more than two minutes









add the sliced funnels










add a pinch of marine salt and cook for two-three minutes always stirring (slowly and with kindness)








add half glass of white wine









immediately cover with a lid and let it cook for 4-5 minutes








after this open the lid and stir









then squeeze a lemon on the fennels and stir, cook another two-three minutes








and your dish is ready!

you can eat this bitter fennels as cold appetizer, as side dish for a strong main course or even alone as vegetarian plate.










Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Sour Fennels (Finocchi All’Agro)




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