Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Well, a triumph of Vegetables on your table! this preparation is simple and pleasant to see and tasty to eat, I am truly happy to show you it!

You can prepare this recipe as appetizer, as side plate or even as vegetarian main course!

You could add to this recipes more ingredients, like raisins, pine-cones, apple, almond, walnut or even cheese if you like, but for my simple is better.

Please use only fresh Vegetables.



two Zucchini -two  Onion

three-four cloves of Garlic

one Egg-Plant – two Pepper-Bells

two Carrots – two Potatoes

half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

two pinches of Marine Salt – half glass of Sugar

a quarter of glass of Balsamic Vinegar




Start washing the Vegetables












peel the Pepper Bells











also peel of the skin of the Potatoes










clean the Onions from the dry skin and roots










peel the Garlic too.

cut-off the top and the bottom of Zucchini











and we are ready to go!









add half glass of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a fry-pan










cut in small cubes the Potatoes










put the Potatoes to fry: just cut in small pieces to cook’em earlier










cut in cubes the Pepper-Bells: choose of different colors so they are beautiful to see…









put to fry with the Potatoes










mix Potatoes and Pepper-Bells









cut the Carrots in small cubes…










…and the Egg-Plant too.











drop Pepper-Bells and Egg-Plant in to the fry-pan










It is time for the Onion now: chop in slices…










…and put to fry!











mix well everything…










cut the Zucchini in cubes…











add Zucchini to the mixture.










the last will be the Garlic: this in order to avoid that Garlic burn giving a taste too bitter to the mixture, chop Garlic small…









…add the Garlic now! (if you are allergic or you don’t like Garlic, do not use it!)










add a good pinch of Marine Salt.










Marine Salt improves the taste and keeps the colors alive…









stir well using a wooden tool










we are going to add half glass of Brown Sugar











spread the Sugar on top of the Vegetables










then stir well mixing everything










it is time for the Balsamic Vinegar: a quarter of glass should be enough.










add the Balsamic Vinegar











immediately stir mixing everything…










…and put a cover.

leave cook covered for two-three minutes, after that open, stir and cook leaving a small opening so the steam will go out: if you keep the lid on your preparation will be too liquid.








I want to dry more my Vegetables: I cook them without lid.

You should check for the taste: you can still add more Salt or Sugar or Balsamic Vinegar if you like, check also if Vegetables are cooked: use your mouth, not the watch!







set in a plate, spread a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and…voila’! it’s ready to go, warm or cold doesn’t matter: it’s too good!!!


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