Brasato Di Manzo

May be you want to make ragu’ di carne or a good stuffing for ravioli or agnolotti: in this case you should follow this simple way to prepare the meat. Also when your brasato di manzo is ready just adding tomato sauce and leaving cook on moderate fire for one-two hours you will obtain a meat sauce where the beef will be really tender & tasty.



two-three pounds of beef

extra virgin olive oil

white wine

onion & carrot mix (see category “preparations”

sage and laurel leaves

few garlic cloves

marine salt




start frying two spoons of onion & parsley mix in extra virgin olive oil (two-three spoons








 as the “soffritto” starts to fade add the sage leaves (chopped small)









 add the laurel leaves, too.










 with kindness, put the beef to cook










 let cook for five minutes on one side…










 …then turn the beef upside down…










 just like that!










 let cook this side for five minutes, too.










 after that add few garlic cloves










 also you will add a  pinch of marine salt on the top.

let cook for two-three minutes









 …then turn the beef upside down again










after this add another  pinch of marine salt on top of the other side…









 let the beef cook for two-three minutes then add half glass of white wine and…










 …cover with a lid.

let cook closed four-five minutes









 then open the pot










 you can just turn the beef upside down and take out from the fire, it is ready!

You could cut and eat the beef like that with his own sauce.

Usually the brasato di manzo is used for further preparations like meat sauce, ragu’ of beef, ravioli, agnolotti or…cappelletti di brasato!















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  1. Longino says:

    Stammi bene! Queste ricette mi fanno venire l’acquolina in bocca 🙂

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