Cappelletti Di Brasato

Today is my birthday, so enjoy this recipe !!!

THIS RECIPE IS ONLY FOR MY FRIENDS….you should make “Cappelletti di Brasato” during upcoming holidays, I hope you have a good machine to make the “pasta” (for the “sfoglia”) or you can use the “mattarello” otherwise the “sfoglia” can be found at the market…or frozen! Well, this is different “sfoglia” from mine! But no worries, in the category “Preparations” I explain you how to use “mattarello”. Please don’t hurry to finish the job! Do it slowly, good food need time and passion. May be you don’t have the rounded tool for the Cappelletti, doesn’t matter: make Ravioli with the same stuffing: they are good too!


Ingredients for the “sfoglia”

Flour 300 grams (10 ounces)

Eggs 3

Ingredients for he stuffing:

Brasato, eggs, garlic, parsley, nutmeg, salt, cheese.







set the flour in to a bowl












add the whole Eggs





















if it is too much sticky…












simply add more Flour!











mix well until…











…you get a dough like this!

it is firm not too soft and not too hard.








You already prepared the Brasato di Manzo as per my previous recipe.










First you cut the Beef in small pieces, then process it in the blender, adding a spoon of Parsley & Garlic Mix (the recipe is in the Category “Preparations”)









After chopped the Beef, add approximately the same quantity of Cheese (in cubes or already grounded)









It may be you want to add few grams of nutmeg… the result ill be better! I remind you that in my website I put only the basic ingredients for the good result of the recipe, this because Italian spices are not easy to find everywhere, I want to make sure you get good original food without complication. so if you have nutmeg add it, if you don’t forget it!






Add one Egg for every 200 grams of Cheese (7 ounces)











Also a small pinch of Marine Salt could be needed, just blend the stuffing and check the salinity then! How? just eat a small bite!!!










You should obtain this consistence: firm.

If it is too dry add one Egg.

If it is too soft add more Cheese (100-200 grams)









We go back to the “Pasta” for the “Sfoglia”









Here, I simply use the machine to make the “Sfoglia” like this: less than 1 millimeter.

With “mattarello” you can obtain the same or even better result.








Set one sheet of  “Sfoglia” on the wooden table, prepare small balls of stuffing and then set them on the “Sfoglia”









With kindness, cover everything with a second sheet of “Sfoglia”








Then press a bit around each Cappelletto to make the air out








Spread on top some Flour










Use the tool to stamp the Cappelletti, or cut with the Ravioli tool “Rotella”









As soon the Cappelletti are made: spread Flour on them so they will not glue each-other





Boil in water until they are ready (just few minutes) and use one of the sauces of my website as condiment. M.





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