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Aldentekitchen Landing Page Missing from the WEB (

  Good day everyone. I noticed that www.aldentekitchen landing page is missing from the web. I am figuring out what had happened, in order to re-post the page; but it will take time. Luckily my blog is working fine: I will keep a post every two weeks as usual. Maurizio A.D.K.

Chard Pie – Wooden Oven Cooked

Roy Cruise’s new romance: “SURFING”

“Achara felt sadness and grief “Is this what I am become? A goddess? Or I am just a proficient prostitute who cannot chose her life? The pain I feel in my heart, my desire to have a family, children whom I am denied to get, after Saman ordered Windel to take out my ovaries to avoid such risk! I remember Windel was crying while we were going to the surgeon room. I was thirteen. Saman and his armed men waited outside. Which hell of life I had and still: I flied away just to find out a worst reality: this poor girl ignoring this rotten world: she is here to sustain her family and is promptly abused by her friends? At least my faith is to be a prostitute since I was a child, I have small hope but I am trying my best to change my destiny, what about her? Which kind of spider-net captured her only to wait to be inoculated with poison to wait to be then devoured by such kind of insects. Oh, my Buddha, please help her instead of me, she needs more help and she is nothing else than a small girl with kind heart full of fear and confusion”.

Al Dente Kitchen reached ten thousand people talking about Italian traditional cooking secrets!!!

On 31st of March 2019 we reach an important target: 10 thousand different people visited ADK website. We have already thousands of subscribers and hundreds of books were sold in were the Kindle version can be read for free if you have Amazon Prime !!! Many projects are coming soon including new recipes, videos […]


Mustafa Ibn Ar-Rashid is our Creator messenger, willing to share his wisdom to everyone. In his books you will find answers to the significance of our life, the true mission of humanity. Mustafa blog

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