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Regarding the quantities of Ingredients……….

……………Regarding the quantities of Ingredients………. You have noted that I give you just an “hint” regarding the weight of the ingredients, I use half glass, two spoon, one pinch, and other ways to indicate you an approximate quantity; I do it with the purpouse to make you able to cook Italian Traditional Way with everything […]


  Mussel is a wonderful ingredient, with his own particular taste; you should read the Section:  “Preparation” for the cleaning of this seafood and the Section “Recipes” to see different ways to cook them; but I want to spend some words here because we must be cautious when buying,   storing, preparing and eating this […]

Cleaning Salt Anchovies

Salt Anchovies are one of basic ingredients in Italy, used for many different preparations; we use only the whole fish (Salt anchovy where the heads and the interiors are taken off) and never the “salt Anchovies paste” which has a different taste being industrially made with all the parts of the fish, the whole “Salt Anchovies” as […]

Marine Salt

I use a good quality of Marine Salt, big grain, I believe that the taste is more “full” if salt melts slowly in the preparation; instead the grinded end salt it is also good but not my favorite, also there are different qualities of marine salt; the best, to me, it is from Sicily, good […]

The Basic 1 Garlic & Parsley Mix, Onion & Carrot Mix

These two mix are the basic we use in almost all of our recipes we do a first chopped mix with garlic and parsley and a second chopped  mix with onion and carrots, the quantity of ingredients are more or less the same, we put in two different containers adding one spoon of extra virgin […]

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