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Habanero Chilly Sauce with Lars and Stanley

                  Habanero Sauce with Lars and Stanley. Time ago, Hotel Director Lars and Sous Chef Stanley, showed me how they make their special Habanero sauce (Lars recipe!) I reveal you their secret… Ingredients (you can vary the quantities as per your personal taste) Habanero Chillies – 70% […]

Salmì Di Cervo – Venison In Sauce

Wild Birds (Game) Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pasta “Alla Norma” White

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pasta “Alla Norma” White More details in my culinary books published on This is my simple version of the “pasta alla Norma” Ingredients: egg-plant, onion, garlic, milk and ricotta, extra virgin olive oil, marine salt. peel the egg plant cut it in small dices put butter and extra virgin […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Lasagne Al Forno

Lasagne Al Forno: layers of lasagna homemade flat pasta filled with bolognese sauce and cheese then completed with bechamel sauce

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