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Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck

      Carbonara di Asparagi & Speck If you want it “vegetarian” just don’t add the speck prosciutto.       Ingredients: Asparagus Speck Prosciutto (seasoned & light smoked prosciutto from north of Italy) Formaggetta Cheese (cheese at the beginning of its seasoning, not soft but half stiff: Robiola, Tomino, pecorino fresco, primosale, etc.) […]

Salmì Di Cervo – Venison In Sauce

Wild Birds (Game) Sauce

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pasta “Alla Norma” White

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Pasta “Alla Norma” White More details in my culinary books published on This is my simple version of the “pasta alla Norma” Ingredients: egg-plant, onion, garlic, milk and ricotta, extra virgin olive oil, marine salt. peel the egg plant cut it in small dices put butter and extra virgin […]

Cooking Foods Italian Recipes – Lasagne Al Forno

Lasagne Al Forno: layers of lasagna homemade flat pasta filled with bolognese sauce and cheese then completed with bechamel sauce

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