Chard Pie – Wooden Oven Cooked

clean and wash the veggies -one pound of chard
boil water with salt
cut the hard part of the chard it will be the first one to cook
drop in the boiling water and cook two minutes
then add the tender parts
boil one minute
put to cool down and to drip the excess of water
as is cold put in a bowl
boil the same weight of potatoes in the same water
you can notice with a fork as the potatoes are ready
get ricotta cheese or any soft cheese you like the half weight of the chard
I use also to add grated cheese: you can find in the market – half weight of the chard
four eggs are for one pound of chard
start to blend potatoes and soft cheese
cut the hard parts of the chard
add to blend along with the grated cheese
and the eggs
at last you add the chard leaves cut in pieces
blend well
prepare a bed with puff pastry (not the sweet one)
drop and spread inside the blened mixture
maake it even: you can add another layer of puff pastry on top, I don’t.
cook in the oven until is cooked
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