Cleaning Artichoke


This wonderful flower, the Artichoke, gives pleasurable taste to many dishes, first of all you can eat it raw, only dipped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil…but before you must prepare it because of his hard external parts: petals, skin and thorns;

the internal part is soft and tasty, I love to eat the stem which has a stronger taste, too;

while you clean and cut the Artichoke you will notice your fingers become black, also the artichoke cut parts will oxidize and become black soon, so what to do? squeeze a Lemon and use its juice to clean your skin, also mix the Lemon juice with fresh water  in to a bowl and sunk the cleaned and cut artichoke to maintain the green and purple color until you will use it for the dish you are preparing.







start paying attention to not prick your fingers with the Artichoke thorns…

hold the Artichoke head with one hand and with the other hand take off all the external petals which are too hard to eat, you must discard them








 when you sense that the petals are soft in the first half (there is my thumb in the picture) you stop to peel the petals: let’s go to get rid of the thorns!









 using a solid base cut the thorns off, pay attention that smaller thorns are still in the inside petals: use a scissor to clean up well from all thee thorns, they can be dangerous if bitten or ingested








 peel the stem skin off










 you see: you did a great job!






 and you are ready to go!

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