Cleaning Fish – Fin Fish

Fin Fish is one of the most tasty fish to be prepared in many different ways, especially when you make fish soups and sauces due to its meat so tasty, soft and firm; it is particularly easy to clean-up because is without big scales, after cooked pay attention to its small but sharpen bones.


 Fin Fish is quite simple to clean, we will do it really fast!






I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe: if you are sensitive to blood please don’t go further.



 today I use scissor to open the fish belly, starting from the anus insert the scissor inside the fish;

insert all the blade but not too deep! we need to keep the blade close to the external surface: this in order to avoid to cut internal organs and intestine, we must do a clean job, do you agree?










 just like in the picture, all the way open!











 insert your fingers inside to separate the viscera from the fish










 firmly grab the intestine where is the anus and pull it out









 then continue to take out from the body everything is inside,

when reach the throat: cut it off!

All the parts of the Fin Fish (and generally all the fishes which are colored red) are tasty, usually I do not cut out any fins, tail & gills because they make the sauce so good!

I will just do it today only to show you how to do it, just in case you like to remove everything!









 after cleaned the fish wash with running water to remove any residuals










 look how this fish is fresh!










 if you like cut the fins










 cut the fins close to the body leaving a small part of the fin bone attached, this in order to make easier the separation of bones when the fish is ready to be eaten.










 the same for the fins, if you cut too close or inside the body, the fish meat will open during while cooking and small fish bones are harder to be found rather than big bones! we need to make the fish easy to eat!









 Fin Fish have only very tiny and tender scales, you do not need to remove because they normally melt during the cooking, but if you like to pass the knife you do it in the proper way: start from the tail….










 ….pass the blade on all the skin…..










 until the head….

 you can use this instruction for every colored fish, just pay attention that other red, yellow or blue fish have big scales which must be removed. Fishes silver and gold-colored usually have big scales only few of them are scaleless.









 OK we are done! you can go now to one Fin Fish recipe!

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