Cleaning Fish – Sardina (Pesce Azzurro)



I inform you that in this post there are bloody photos related to the preparation of this recipe: if you are sensitive to blood please don’t go further.

This process is good to clean almost every fish; you can use a knife or a scissor;

Hold a fresh Sardina with your hand








look for the anus: is in the bottom of the fish belly










stub gently the knife (or scissor) in the anus, do not go too deep: you have just to cut the skin open








move the blade slowly cut until you reach the throat












just like that












now open the skin and dig your first finger inside grab the intestine and start to pull it out with the help of your thumb all the interiors should follow the intestine












pull slowly helping yourself with the other hand fingers












here I got all the interiors in my hand, I firmly grab the throat and pull with certain strength












interiors are out; please discard, we don’t cook them!












now we get rid of the scales, moving horizontally the blade we can easily remove all the scales: you must start from the tail……












…….going up to the head…..












you have to clean all the skin, the scales mast be discarded














after all the scales are removed check the inside of the belly: remove everything also the internal black skin (if there is) on top of the bones, you can do it easily rubbing with your thumb










wash well with running fresh water internally and externally the fish, keep it cold in the fridge ready to be cooked!




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